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Our passions, your obsessions Cuba 2015 READ MORE Welcome Over US DI BENEDETTO PRODUCTIONS is created in June 28th 2015 by the producer VITTORIO DI BENEDETTO, as well as CEO.In a short time it has managed to incorporate various artists within it and become a reference point for many others in the territories of Central.


Yakarta Featuring Youtube List-alt Yet garbey Featuring Youtube List-alt Amilkele el ministro Featuring Youtube List-alt Moikan Featuring Youtube List-alt Nkm 01 Featuring Youtube List-alt Jacob Forever Featuring Youtube Osmani garcia Featuring Youtube List-alt Dayami la musa Featuring Youtube List-alt Karenka Featuring Youtube List-alt El conde fidel Featuring Youtube List-alt El enviado Featuring Youtube List-alt El.


Dancer QUALITY IS NOT AN ACT, IT IS A HABIT Los Ban2oleros Ballerini Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Spotify

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DI BENEDETTO PRODUCTIONS is a record company with offices and operators in Bari (Italy), Havana (Cuba) of which Mr. Jorge Luis Suarez Vasquez (Pipo) is the representative, person of extreme confidence, decisive for public relations and direct relationships between local artists, producers and promoters. Miami (Florida) and a headquarters in Mexico, precisely in CANCUN, of.


Artists QUALITY IS NOT AN ACT, IT IS A HABIT Enzo La Melodia Secreta Artist Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Spotify Los Yakuza Artist Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Spotify Leslie Guzmán Artist Facebook-f Instagram El Yonka Artist Facebook-f Instagram Jam Artist Facebook-f Instagram Twitter Leduar Raudel Artist Facebook-f Instagram Twitter Malaka Artist Facebook-f Instagram Twitter Richdope Artist Facebook-f.

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