DI BENEDETTO PRODUCTIONS is a record company with offices and operators in Bari (Italy), Havana (Cuba) of which Mr. Jorge Luis Suarez Vasquez (Pipo) is the representative, person of extreme confidence, decisive for public relations and direct relationships between local artists, producers and promoters. Miami (Florida) and a headquarters in Mexico, precisely in CANCUN, of which the person in charge throughout the territory is Mr. OMAR NAVARRETE.

Continually expanding, the record company uses a worldwide digital distribution network. It has collaborations with the most relevant musical producers of the Cuban urban genre, names such as: DJ UNIC, DJ CONDS, OSMANI ESPINOSA, ETC.
Created in 2015 by producer VITTORIO DI BENEDETTO in a short time, it has become a point of reference for many artists from Latin America.
The producer, passionate about Cuba and its culture, approaches the world of Cuban urban music and in 2015 created the record company, inviting Cuban artists of notable thickness in Europe, organizing concerts with great results, creating a whole network of useful contacts for your future purposes and doing studies in the sector.

Motivated by the first artist hired, AMILKELE EL MINISTRO, (May 2017) decides to focus on production, achieving moderate success, in particular with the song “La Pasión” which in a short time achieved a million views on YouTube.
“La Pasión” is a song interpreted and written by various artists and among them one in particular arouses the interest of the producer due to his vocal qualities, CARLOS MANUEL BROCHE, artistic name “ENZO LA MELODÍA SECRETA”, who signed with the DBP on 28 / 08/2107. The career of this artist starts on the right foot, his first song exceeds one million views on YouTube and is currently approaching the second million. Subsequently, several front-line genre singers show interest in collaborating with him, for example the internationally famous singer OSMANI GARCIA, with whom the DBP releases the song “Por Tu Life Remix” remix of a version previously released by ENZO with great success. Jacob Forever with whom he made “Ponte Remix”. The Jackal with “The Liar”, etc. Enzo currently has more than 100 audio productions and more than 50 video clips.

Vittorio, excited about the result, and seeing that the work continued to grow, began to expand his staff by hiring a Director (Nicola De Bari) responsible for all the bureaucratic part and public relations. Today the Director, Nicola De Bari, represents a key point of the record company as well as being the producer’s right arm and a person of extreme confidence.
To confirm the aforementioned, it is precisely Mr. De Bari who presents a new artist to the company, Mr. LEDUAR RAUDEL, one of the most beautiful voices in the world of Cuban urban music, who has hits such as: BANDOLERO and WE DO NOT TALK ANYMORE.
But the DBP certainly does not stop there, on June 5, 2019 it hires a duo, also with amazing qualities, The Yakuza who, with only the first 3 songs, exceed one million views on YouTube and in 2020 they were among the selected for the Lucas Awards.
More recently, the DBP, doing a search on the networks, found the exceptional talent of LESLIE GUZMáN. After several negotiations, they officially signed on April 10, 2020. Their first production, a collaboration with Los Yakuza “Castigo”, was selected by Spotify for the editorial playlist “Salsa Cubana”.

Despite all the difficulties that the year 2020 brought with it, the DBP signs two other artists, Malaka, the stage name of Jennifer González (actress, singer and playwright) and Richdope, the stage name of Richar Feria (writer with the pseudonym Richdope). The two have had a lot of acceptance.